Select the Right People in your Pro Life

Do not choose the people you have next to you in your professional life judging only by what they do but rather by what they do when they do not need to do it.

We all select the people we want to work with. We do it continuously from the first day we worked and we will do it until the last.

We choose our partners, the people we will rely on to develop our work and deal with problems when the need arises.

The usual way is to base our judgment on what they do.

You tell me to do something, I do it 100%, you think I am reliable and it is right that you believe it. I adequately cover every basic rule.

But while this is normal — people who do well what they should — I would tell you that you must not look for just that.

Try to distinguish the people who did well what they had to do but put something more. They went out of their way and took it one step further.

This extra step is very important.

This extra step shows real interest, shows pride, shows an open mind, shows true team spirit, shows genuine cooperation.

Keep your eyes open and constantly look for where these extra steps are. The ones who took them are valuable to you. Trust me on that.


MSc in Digital Currency, UNIC Univ. of Nicosia. BS in Economic Science, Univ. of Piraeus. PgC in Financial Studies, Univ. of Athens..